Thursday, 13 September 2012

Dundrum Regatta 1958 - International Lightning Class - 10 boats in class sailed, see Down Recorder extract.

The fourth race was for the Lightnings of Killyleagh Yacht Club, one of the most keen lots of enthusiasts to sail in East Down waters. Sportingly, they brought nine of their 19ft craft to Dundrum for the first time, and the entry of ten was completed by Leonard Trohear’s Tern, formerly of Killyleagh, and now resold".

In 1958, in an attempt to attract the support of the Killyleagh Lightning Fleet, Dundrum Regatta committee presented a cup to be raced for at their regatta. The transportation of the fleet to Dundrum involved considerable organisation as the boats had to be stripped and loaded onto coal lorries to take them there. When they arrived in Dundrum, of course they had to be re-rigged before they could be sailed. At the end of the race the whole procedure had to be repeated before the journey home.
It was, however, all considered worth

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