Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The "Gwen" project - Dundrum Sailing Club to get it's first sailability modified Lightning

A visitor to our open day is now in possession of the derelict Lightning "Gwen" very kindly donated by another member.
It is to note that this new owner has given me permission to reveal that he suffers with M.S. & accordingly within the aims of our club has very interestingly decided to enter into a project of modifying Gwen to meet his needs.
Given the current state of "Gwen" ...........well anything is possible & if you have the opportunity to meet this gentleman at his home then you will get an idea of the scale his inventiveness & willingness to adapt to his circumstances.
In order to meet the needs of the Gwen project other members will be donating some masts & spars & probably some sails suitably cut down. (anyone else who has old sails they don't need ....size about Flying15, 5o5 etc please chirp up)
It is also to be noted that the new owner of Gwen has kindly donated to our club a 420 dinghy, which though in need of some repair could very well be of great use to us as an intro / trainer.
Good luck to Gwen
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